Features to Expand your classroom

Teach with Video

Incude your educational materials in a video format reaching more students

Multiculutural Learning

Use video to address special needs of mulitcultural students

Distance Learning

Students can learn anywhere in the world, not just the classroom

State or National Standards

Use video to help meet state and national standards through video assigments

Increase Classroom Time

Expand your lessons into homework freeing up time for individual instruction

Address Learning Disablites

Use video to reach students who learn in a variety of ways

Student or Teacher Feedback

Get instant feedback on your teaching techniques with a video rating

Teacher Educational Training

Expand your ability to teach by expolring new teaching methods from around the world


Engage students in STEM programs, that can be expierenced from anywhere

Academic Testing

Take advantage of oportunites for students to prepare for MAP/AP/ACT/SAT

Earn Funds for your School or Classroom!

Hi-Five for Education

Classroom Donations

Project Donations

How to Upload a Video

  • Scan

    Scan the ISBN or Type the ISBN

  • Select

    Select the Chapter and Section to tag the video

  • Upload

    Upload your video from your device or computer files

How to Link a Video

  • Scan

    Scan the ISBN or Type the ISBN

  • Select

    Select the Chapter and Section to tag the video

  • Link

    Now the video is tagged correctly and ready to link from your youtube or vimeo account


Need Help Making Videos?

  • Here are some great programs for making videos. These can turn the educational materials used in your classroom into a video. By working with video and photos, these programs make it simple to incorporate them together.
  • Once you have created the educational video, it is simple to save them to your device. You can tag and upload the new video to Rethink Education. If you have existing videos on YouTube they can also be tagged and linked to Rethink Education.

Expand the school day by providing an opportunity to reinforce the essential skills and concepts the students are studying. Use videos to keep them engaged in school no matter where they watch.


Preparing for Academic Testing

  • MAP Tesing

    Help students increase their measure of academic progress with videos they can watch outside of the classroom

  • ACT Testing

    Your videos can help kids review skills needed to increase their success during the testing process

  • AP Exams

    Help raise testing scores, save class time, and use videos to help students review for the AP Exams

  • SAT Testing

    Make SAT test review more engaging for students with videos for this tedious process

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Expand your classroom to reach students who need your help.