Teach or Learn with Video in 3 Easy Steps

Getting help with homework has never been faster!

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Teach or Learn with Video in 3 Easy Steps

Getting help with homework has never been faster!

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We make learning with educational videos easy!



Do you need more time to review for a test?

How about a faster way to get help with homework?

Can another teacher help with the subject?



Do you need more time for individual instruction?

Help with addressing different skill levels in class?

Would you like to raise funds for  your classroom?




Are your teachers addressing education standards?

How can teachers help students outside the classroom?

Would your school like to earn tax-deductible funds? 

Children are our future.

Help us improve educational success worldwide by using technology in a new way.

Here are just a few of the ways we put new technologies to work for education:

Online Learning

 Rethink Education makes online teaching easier!

The number of students taking online courses is over 6.3 million in the U.S.

Mobile Video Views

We use videos on mobile devices to expand education!

The are over 1 billion YouTube videos watched per day and 70% are viewed on mobile devices.

Videos Uploaded to YouTube

We link YouTube educational videos in 3 steps!

Over 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Recent Video Uploads to rethink education

These videos are tagged by ISBN, Chapter & Section.

They can also be tagged by a unique RTEDU.ORG User Id if there is no ISBN.

The Plasma Membrane

ISBN 9780078695100

Chapter 7, Section 7.2

Structure of the Plasma Membrane

User id: RTEDU.ORG-South419


The Cell Cycle

ISBN 9780078695100

Chapter 9, Section 9.6

Visualizing the Cell Cycle

User id: RTEDU.ORG-fores937


The Winds on Earth

ISBN 9780078695100

Chapter 3, Section 3.7

Visualizing Global Effects on Climate

User id: RTEDU.ORG-South419


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